Do you have an accident injury claim that your own insurance company has a duty to pay?  If you are injured by a driver whose insurance coverage is not enough to fully compensate you for your injuries and other damages, you can likely seek money compensation from your own insurance company.  In Arizona, insurance companies are required to offer underinsured motorist coverage within the policies they offer.  See Arizona Revised Statutes 20-259.01.B.  And so, even if an underinsured driver caused you injury, to the extent that your total damages exceed the total applicable policy limits and bonds of the at-fault party, your own insurance company is obligated to you.  See Arizona Revised Statutes 20-259.01.G.

The Hutson Law Firm has represented accident injury victims against their own insurance companies.  Not surprising, Randal Hutson’s clients, the accident victims, had trouble understanding why their own insurance companies did not automatically pay for their losses.  After all, these accident victims bought insurance and expected their insurance companies to be on their sides.

Once your insurance carrier becomes obligated to any accident victims, including its own policy holder, it will protect its own interest.  Therefore, rather than pay for everything claimed by you to be injured, your insurance company will evaluate your accident claim, determine whether your claim falls within the coverage you have paid for, assess the monetary value of your claim, and decide on the validity of your claim.  After it performs an adequate investigation, if the validity of your claim is “fairly debatable,” as long as it acts honestly, on adequate information and does not place paramount importance on its own interest, your insurance company may deny your claim.

If your claim is “fairly debatable,” until a reasonable settlement is achieved, your accident attorney should debate with your insurance company, and if your insurance company will not agree to a reasonable settlement, your attorney should arbitrate or try your case.  Attorney Randal Hutson represents car accident injury victims to help them fully recover compensation for their injuries.