Should you enter into Arizona Prenuptial Agreement before your get married?

Arizona Prenuptial AgreementAre you considering getting married but afraid of the financial ruin that a potential divorce may have upon your finances and other property interest. Unfortunately, while
marriage should be celebrated and honored, based upon divorce statistics, your future marriage may end in divorce. Despite your commitment to the marriage, your spouse may have a change of heart. If you want to protect your interest and ensure that your future spouse desires to marry purely because he or she loves you, you may enter into an Arizona Prenuptial Agreement (premarital agreement).

What is an Arizona Prenuptial Agreement?

In Arizona, prenuptial agreement means an agreement between prospective spouses that is made in contemplation of marriage and that is effective on marriage. A prenuptial agreement by definition must be entered into prior to the marriage of the spouses and should be discussed before a couple exchanges vows. If done right, the agreement becomes effective on the marriage of the parties.

Validity of Prenuptial Agreements in Arizona

An Arizona prenuptial agreement must comply with the law in order to be effective. There are various ways, in which a prenuptial agreement may be challenged and determined to be void. If you want to safeguard your interest from the ruin that a divorce may cause, contact The Hutson Law Firm, PLLC. Mr. Hutson helps clients contract with respect to the rights and obligations of each of the parties in any of the property of either or both of them and more.