How to find the best accident lawyer for you?

Best accident lawyer

To find the best accident lawyer, first, consider how experienced your lawyer is in the field of personal injury and civil litigation. Does the attorney regularly focus on and handle accident injury cases? Lawyers that focus on accident injury cases on behalf of injured clients typically have more relevant knowledge than those who handle injury cases along with everything else.

The Hutson Law Firm offers free consultations, so you may meet with top-rated personal injury lawyer Randal Hutson before hiring him, or any attorney. There are questions you may ask when selecting an attorney to represent you in connection to a car accident in order to find the best accident lawyer for you.

  1. How long has the attorney focused on accident injury cases? Again, ideally you want an attorney who actually focuses on accident injury cases and who has years of experience practicing as an accident attorney.  An attorney who focuses on accident cases is probably the best accident lawyer for you.  A lawyer who does not focus on accident cases is less likely to be the best accident lawyer.
  2. What are the attorney’s fees that will be charged, and when will they be collected? Attorney’s fees at The Hutson Law Firm are outcome contingent, which means that clients only pay once their accident claims resolve by settlement or award.  The Hutson Law Firm charges customary and reasonable fees.
  3. Does the law firm collect costs in addition to attorney’s fees? There may be costs in connection to a claim that the firm may advance on your behalf.  For instance, the cost to file a civil lawsuit arising from a car accident in Maricopa Copa County is $319.00, which The Hutson Law Firm will advance.
  4. Will the best accident lawyer tell me what my case is worth at an initial consultation?  The best accident lawyer lawyer will never over promise results during a personal injury consultation. Usually, the true value of an accident claim cannot be determined at the time of an initial consultation but will become apparent to a skilled and experienced accident attorney after a client finishes getting the medical treatment that he or she needs.
  5. Will I receive money for my medical expenses? In Arizona, accident victims are entitled to compensation for past and future medical expenses.  The best accident lawyer for you will know to argue that necessary and reasonable expenses are recoverable.
  6. Will I receive money for my wage loss? Accident victims are entitled to compensation for wage loss. Of course, the wage loss must be proven and related to the accident in question, which the best accident lawyer for you will be familiar with.
  7. How much money will I get for my pain and suffering? The value of pain and suffering is very much subjective and open for argument. An experienced personal injury lawyer will ask the right questions and present the right arguments to maximize the compensation an accident victims receives for pain and suffering.

Top-Rated Phoenix Accident Lawyer

To schedule a free consultation with top-rated Phoenix accident lawyer Randal Hutson, call The Hutson Law Firm to schedule a free consultation.  Mr. Hutson focuses on accident injury cases and accepts personal injury cases on a contingency fees basis.