Child drownings are preventable but occur too often in Phoenix and surrounding areas throughout Arizona.  How much drowning are too many?  One.  No child or adult should be put into a position in which he or she could drown.  Drownings are inexcusable and the result of neglect.

Arizona has programs and public service announcements to help reduce or eliminate child drownings every year.  Still, children continue to drown in swimming pools throughout Phoenix.  The best way to reduce the number of child drownings is to hold those responsible for child drownings accountable.

Unreasonably dangerous conditions at Swimming Pools lead to very serious injuries and/or death in child drowning cases.   Inadequate supervision and unfenced swimming pools are dangerous conditions, which result in child drownings every year.  Dangerous conditions around water are preventable and is what every child deserves.


Attorney Randal Hutson has served victims of child drowning and recognizes that the loss or injury to a child is a tragic event for any parent to go through.  The  victims of child drowning are entitled to recover compensation for their losses.  Those responsible for child drownings need to be held responsible.   If your child has drowned, call The Hutson Law Firm to schedule a free consultation with Attorney Randal Hutson.