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    Free Consultation with Randal Hutson, Attorney

    The Hutson Law Firm offers free consultations with an Attorney, Randal Hutson.   Randal Hutson is an experienced personal injury lawyer.  Randal Hutson will meet with you to conduct an initial case evaluation and form an opinion about any claims you may have.   He will be candid about the prospects of pursuing any claims and the claims process.  Randal Hutson will also explain what may be expected of you, the client, along the way, so that you will know what to expect from the start.

    Attorney’s fees in personal injury cases, including auto accident claims and others are contingent.  What that means is that the client will only owe fees at the conclusion of a case if money is recovered from an adverse party through a settlement or judgment.  As such, Randal Hutson and The Hutson Law Firm’s interest truly aligns with the firm’s client’s, which is to maximize the compensation that each accident victim recovers for his or her personal injuries and other damages.

    What to expect when you contact The Hutson Law Firm for a free consultation:

    • Personal Consultation with an Experienced Attorney, Randal Hutson
    • Case Evaluation
    • A Clear and Candid Opinion
    • Options