Do you have Medical Bills arising from an Accident that was not your fault?Medical Bills after an accident

After being injured in an accident, do you now have Medical Bills, or have you received an “amount claimed due for care” from a hospital or other health care provider?   If you have, the amount claimed due might look frightening.  Even if you have health insurance, you might have received a letter from a hospital or other health care provider following an accident that you were injured in.  The notice will – or should – also provide that “this is NOT  bill.”   If it is not a medical bill, you might wonder if you have to pay it?  Medical Bills and Health Care Provider Liens are not the same thing.

If my health insurance paid for my medical expenses, do I still owe more money?

You may have received notice of a Healthcare Provider Lien.  In Arizona, health care provider liens are permitted by statute in certain situations, such as after a car accident caused by a third-party (wrongdoer), after which the third-party (wrongdoer) or his or her auto insurance company pays the injured victim (you).  “Balance billing” occurs where a healthcare provider makes a claim for more money after accepting payment of less than its full-billed charges from a patient’s health insurer.  In some context, “balance billing” is illegal.  Arguably, it is permissible in other context after a person has been injured in an accident caused by a third-party.  One factor to look at to determine whether a health care provider lien is valid in the context of “balance billing” is the patient’s health insurance itself.  For example, Arizona hospitals are not allowed to balance bill AHCCCS patients, amongst others.

If you have received a notice that may look like a bill from a hospital after an accident, you may have received notice of a health care provider lien, which is not a bill, but it cannot be ignored.   Health care provider liens are serious business, and the laws concerning them are complicated.   An experienced accident attorney can help to determine whether the hospital or health care provider may have a valid lien.  If the claimed lien is invalid, an experienced accident attorney can help to attack the validity of the lien in order to put more money into your pocket.

What about attorney’s fees?

Healthcare provider liens must be reduced to account for attorney’s fees and costs.

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