Civil Disputes arise when contract terms are not well defined and reduced to writing.  Ambiguity leads to differing interpretations and opinions.  Arguments and disputes arise when rights and duties are uncertain.  A well-drafted contract can save parties money, stress, and preserve relationships.  Some contracts must be in writing to be legally valid.   Attorney Randal Hutson has experience drafting and reviewing contracts for his clients.  Randal has been published by the American Bar Association and has received an award based upon his writing.

In some instances, whether or not a writing exists, disputes arise.  In various situations, even a written document may be void or voidable.  Depending on the facts and circumstances leading to a writing along with the substantive terms, a party may be relieved from performance.  There are other circumstances in which performance must be rendered.  And there are situations when breaching a contract and paying damages is more efficient than performing and specific performance is not required.

A party who is involved in a contract dispute will benefit from experienced legal representation from an experienced attorney.  There are alternative dispute resolution (ADR) processes that parties may agree to engage in to bring about an efficient resolution for both sides.  A facilitated negotiation (mediation) will often enable parties to focus on their interests and to arrive at a resolution that both parties find agreeable.  If mediation does not work, or if the parties do not agree to participate in mediation, they may present their claims in arbitration and/or trial.

Attorney Randal Hutson has been awarded a Certificate in Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), and he has successfully represented clients in settlement negotiations, mediation sessions, arbitration hearings, and trial.  Randal is familiar with the advantages and disadvantages of each ADR process and possesses the knowledge necessary to fully counsel his clients about the benefits and costs of each, which enables The Hutson Law Firm’s clients to make important choices about their cases.

Attorney Randal Hutson negotiates, drafts and reviews contracts for clients, and he handles contract disputes.  If you would like an experienced attorney to draft or review a contract, call the The Hutson Law Firm.  If it is too late and a dispute has arisen, call The Hutson Law Firm today to schedule a free consultation with Attorney Randal Hutson.