Riding in Golf Carts can be fun and enjoyable, especially in Arizona.  Even outside of retirement and golf communities, many folks in Anthem, North Phoenix and other areas in Arizona use golf carts to travel, often short distances.   When operated on roadways or at high speeds, Golf Carts face hazards that cause accidents.  Car accidents involve golf carts, too.  Serious personal injuries result from car accidents involving golf carts.

Injuries resulting from golf cart accidents can be severe.  Golf Carts do not have safety features that cars and trucks have.  Seat-belts are not required and many Golf Carts are designed without them to enable passengers to conveniently enter and exit the vehicles.  When turned sharply at high speeds, Golf Cart passengers can be ejected and suffer severe personal injuries.  Though there are bars to hold onto called handholds, they do not effectively safeguard passengers from being ejected at high rates of speed.  In-fact, grabbing onto handholds can result in even greater injuries and cause Golf Carts to rollover.  Golf Cart accidents sometimes involve other vehicles, but that is not always.


When Golf Carts are operated on roadways, passengers and operators also face the same hazards that apply to cars and trucks.  Golf Cart Accidents result in serious injuries since golf carts lack safety features that cars and trucks are equipped.

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