Are you a victim of an Arizona Trucking Accident?

Trucking Accident Attorney

Attorney Randal Hutson represents persons injured by trucking accidents and commercial motor vehicles in Metro Phoenix and surrounding areas throughout Arizona.  When a victim is injured in a trucking accident, injuries tend to be severe.  Trucking accident cases are generally more involved than other car accident cases and require greater knowledge and perseverance.  Timely hiring an experienced accident attorney is an important consideration for trucking accident victims to ensure the preservation of evidence that may support the accident victim’s injury claim.

Upon being retained, experienced accident attorney Randal Hutson will submit a preservation letter and request to examine the tractor/trailer before repairs are made to the damaged cars and trucks after a trucking accident.  Randal will request data from the truck to be maintained, arrange for examination by investigators and accident reconstructionist, if needed, and prepare for and conduct appropriate discovery.   Because federal regulations designed to improve safety apply to truck drivers, an experienced accident attorney will ask those questions that are relevant in trucking accident cases, such as those in connection with Hours-of-Service Regulations and compliance therewith and request for the production of a driver’s Logbook.

A trucking accident victim might wonder who he or she may have an accident claim against.  Asserting an accident claim against a commercial truck driver and a motor carrier for the same accident might be appropriate. A motor vehicle carrier may be liable for a trucking accident caused by its driver, but not always. In those appropriate instances, an experienced accident attorney will name those parties who are liable to the victim.

Commercial trucks often have high liability insurance. That is because trucking accident victims tend to suffer severe injuries. Insurance carriers, their adjusters and defense attorneys will pay only what they believe is fair and reasonable compensation, which is virtually always far less money than what accident victims and their personal injury attorneys believe to be fair and reasonable. While medical care and treatment might have been necessary and reasonable, a commercial truck carrier might argue that medical care and treatment was not necessary and/or reasonable. Whether or not treatment was necessary and reasonable, commercial truck carriers often claim that the accident victim’s pain and suffering is worth less money than most victims and their attorneys believe to be true. Accident attorney Randal Hutson believes in having a level playing field and recognizes that trucking accident victims deserve to recover fully for their injuries.  If you have been injured in a trucking accident, call The Hutson Law Firm at 623-628-7400 to schedule a Free Consultation with Accident Attorney Randal Hutson.