Texting While Driving – Distracted Drivers Cause Accidents

Phoenix Lawyer

Arizona does not ban cellphone use while driving, nor is there a state-wide texting ban.  However, texting while driving may amount to negligent or reckless conduct, depending on the circumstances, and has the potential to cause car accident and catastrophic injuries.  Do not use your cell phone while driving.

Accident Lawyer

If you have been injured by a distracted driver and want an experienced accident lawyer to represent you, call The Hutson Law Firm at 623-628-7400 to schedule a free consultation. Accident victims are entitled to financial compensation for their injuries in order to pay medical expenses, to cover wage loss, for pain and suffering and more. Randal Hutson represents injured people who suffer catastrophic injuries through no fault of their own, and he has a proven record of success.  As a knowledgable Phoenix accident lawyer, Randal Hutson may use the discovery rules to get the phone records of the person who caused your injuries to prove that he or she was using a phone while driving.