If you are in an Automobile Accident in Arizona, call 911.  You should always insist upon calling the police after an auto accident.  Do not leave the scene before calling the police and filing an accident report.  If the other driver insists that he or she would prefer to resolve the matter without involving the police, you should still call the police.  At the scene, the police should provide a collision exchange form to you.  Insurance companies will want a copy of the crash report.  If there is not an accident report, it may be more difficult to prove your claims.

If you are injured, tell the police and fire that you have pain.  If you do not tell them about your pain, it may be implied that you had none.  If pain is not documented, the adverse party’s insurance company will deny that you experienced pain and/or were injured.

If you are able to take pictures of the roadway and the vehicles, take pictures.  You can present the photographs as evidence in the event you need to make a claim with an insurance company.  If there is a dispute about how the accident occurred, pictures may help prove what actually happened. An accident victim has the burden of proof when making a claim for compensation.

If there were any witnesses to the auto accident, obtain witness information.

If you are hurt bad enough, you may need to be transported by an ambulance to a nearby hospital.  Your wellbeing is paramount.  If your injuries do not necessitate emergency transport, see a healthcare provider for an evaluation of any injuries you may have sustained.  If an accident victim procrastinates after an accident and does not see a doctor right away, insurance companies will undoubtedly allege that the victim waited too long and was not actually injured by the accident.

Be honest with your healthcare providers about your injuries.  Rate your pain levels.  Tell your doctor if you have limited range of motion.  Let your doctor examine you.

If you have been in an auto accident, do not make a statement to an insurance company.  Insurance companies will try to deny your claims and/or pay as little as possible.  A recorded statement will not help you, but it will be used against you.

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